Vision and approach

The challenges of the looming and growing water crisis are well documented. While drinking water only comprises a small portion of the total water demand, its secure and sustainable service delivery continues to be a challenge in many parts of the world, in an ever increasing complex context. As populations increase and economies continue to grow (especially in developing countries), the demand for drinking water increases.

Drinking water plays a crucial role in public health and is also an important condition and driver for economic development. While significant progress has been made in reducing the number of people without access to improved drinking water, much remains to be done. Rural water supply is still lagging behind, while increasing numbers of urban dwellers lack access to safe and reliable drinking water.

Aquanet contributes to the improvement of access to adequate drinking water services in developing countries and emerging economies. We offer technical, operational and management support to local utilities by deploying qualified staff with hands-on experience in utility operations and management.

Aquanet’s professional staff has extensive international experience in the water sector encompassing areas such as sector development, PPP-transaction advice, capacity development, organisational development and performance improvement of water service providers.

In addition, Aquanet can draw from a vast pool of operational experts from PWN. These experts have practical, hands-on experience and knowledge on utility management and operations. Their expertise comprises technical, commercial/financial, operational and managerial aspect of drinking water service provision.

By combining international and operational utility expertise, Aquanet can provide tailor-made solutions to our partners and hence implement the best strategy and activities to improve the operational performance of our partners.

Aquanet is owned by one of the larger Dutch public water utilities, NV PWN water supply company North-Holland. PWN serves approx. 1.7 million customers through 770,000 connections. Through Aquanet and as part of its Global Corporate Social Responsibility, PWN contributes to one of the UN Millennium Development Goals: halving the portion of people without access to safe and reliable drinking water.