Aquanet Transparant

The quality of drinking water in The Netherlands is generally acknowledged to be amongst the best in the world. Through continued investments in drinking water infrastructure and continued efforts to optimise operational performance, the provision of drinking water has reached outstanding service levels combined with high levels of efficiency. As a result, the Dutch drinking water sector avails of a vast body of expertise in ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective drinking water services.

Aquanet is a full subsidiary of NV PWN, one of the largest Dutch public water utilities. PWN serves some 1.7 million inhabitants in the North-Western part of the Netherlands through some 770,000 connections. Aquanet makes the operational knowledge and expertise of PWN available to other water utilities with the aim to improve their water service delivery. By focusing on operational performance improvement, these utilities will be better able to improve their services using their existing infrastructure. By improving their operational performance these utilities, in addition, we will be better positioned to attract external investment finance to extent their services, primarily to the poorer segments of society.


2015-01-30 From 1 January 2015 Aquanet will be partly responsible for the rural drinking water to approximately
400.000 people in Senegal. [ Read more... ]

2014-06-26 We have add a video about our Public-Private Partnership Aquavirunga. [ Read more... ]